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We believe that, our liberties do not come from government, but are a gift from God and therefore cannot be taken away; Our most important liberty is the right to life. All other freedoms flow from the right to life and therefore the right to life is the pre-eminent right that must be protected; The family is the foundation of a healthy society. Any attempt to redefine marriage and the family destroys this foundation and erodes our liberty; The role of government in a free society is very limited, as government cannot accomplish what free enterprise and private charity can; Our federal government has a budget deficit because it spends too much, not because it taxes too little. Spending and taxes should be reduced; The U.S. military should be the strongest in the world. It should be used when the security of the United States is directly threatened. When our military strikes, it should do so with overwhelming force and precision; Essential and constitutional governmental services, including the military and border protection, should be adequately funded.

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